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Fuuka: Manga vs Anime.

A very much younger me once read a manga named Suzuka, it was a very stereotypical romance, with all the tropes and girls you would imagine. But there was something different about it, there was realistic drama and struggles, the... Continue Reading →


Why Nioh is just not that great.

I have just finished blitzing my way through the main campaign of Nioh; a game I went in to with high expectations, needless to say I was very disappointed. So today I wish to share just why I feel Nioh just is not that good a game.

Final Fantasy XV, was it worth the wait?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the name originally given to the tie in game that ended up becoming Final Fantasy XV. With ten years of development, a change in platform, a change in director and a change in story it is hard to answer the question of; was it worth the wait?

Dark Souls and its Narrative.

A few years ago I was at my friends and I had just picked up a game after a heavy recommendation from him, Dark Souls. I never understood the love for a game that was designed to be a total jerk to you and just kill you in as many unfair ways as it can. But I soon learnt that this was not the case, that in fact the game is very fair, and after my first death riddled playthrough I was hooked.

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